Use of Information
Please note that pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, any information or personal data provided to Alpha Fertility Centre (AFC) shall be governed by AFC’s Privacy Statement below.

Privacy Statement
For purposes of this document, the expression “personal data” shall bear the meaning as defined by the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”), and includes “sensitive personal data” (as also defined by the PDPA).

Consent to Record Personal Data
Where applicable, and in relation to any personal data that may have been or may from time to time hereafter be provided by you or on behalf of yourself or by you on behalf of a third party and/or obtained independently by AFC from other lawful sources (if any) in connection with the following: –

  1. You covenant that the provider of such personal data have acknowledged, confirmed and consented to AFC and/or such third party has duly authorised you, and
  2. You hereby acknowledge, confirm and consent to AFC collecting, recording, holding, storing, using, dealing with and otherwise processing your personal data, for any of the following purposes:-
  3. For AFC’s record-keeping in the ordinary course of its business;
  4. To administer and give effect to the health care transaction(s) and the management and/or enforcement thereof, and to contact and communicate with  you and/or any organization and/or such other persons or companies as represented by you or representing you;
  5. To enable AFC to inform you and/or the organisation and/or such other persons  or companies represented by you or representing you regarding AFC’s products, services, upcoming events, promotions, advertising, marketing and commercial materials (including emails, SMS or other means) and/or to be used in, to provide and/or to improve the services of AFC, or in carrying out AFC’s healthcare services, processing invoices and payments (including card payments) and providing other services to enhance and support the relationship of yourself and/or the organization and/or such other persons or companies represented by you or representing you;
  6. To enable AFC comply with its obligations under any law, rule, regulation, by-law, order, guideline, directive, policy and such other requirements in force and as amended from time to time relating to the healthcare services and related transaction(s) and/or relating to the conduct of the business or activities of the company.

You, the organization and/or such other persons or companies represented by you or representing you referred to above further acknowledge that all information given or the request made by you and/or the organisation and/or such other persons or companies represented by you or representing you leading to the provision of any personal data is sufficient, accurate, complete and not misleading, and that such personal data is provided voluntarily and is necessary for the purposes set out above.

Where personal data is requested, you, the organization or such other persons or companies represented by you or representing you have the option not to provide additional information requested other than the information which AFC has indicated as necessary to facilitate the transaction in question. If you do not complete the required fields for yourself or on behalf of the organization or such other persons or companies represented by you as the case may be, AFC will not be able to offer the services and/or fulfill your request and/or the request of the organization and/or such other persons or companies represented by you.

Permission to Disclose 
In connection with the purposes above, AFC is hereby permitted to disclose such personal data to the relevant authorities, AFC’s successor in interest, sponsors, advertisers, solicitors, insurers, adjusters, other advisers, suppliers, contractors and/or service providers, and AFC’s parent company, related and associated companies, affiliates and partners, some of whom may be outside Malaysia, who may undertake administrative, management and operational functions for or on behalf of AFC in respect of or arising from the healthcare transaction(s) or to support sales, marketing, promotion and/or advertising efforts of AFC.

Where you have indicated your consent to receiving marketing or promotional updates from AFC, you may opt out from receiving such marketing or promotional materials at any time. You may select the relevant “unsubscribe” option as may be provided in AFC’s marketing or promotional material, or you may contact AFC at the details provided in the section below.

AFC and its doctors are also hereby permitted to disclose, transmit, transfer, pass, or show (in any form whatsoever) any and/or all personal data they deem relevant to any third party in accordance with the provision of medical services in relation to you, and/or the organisation and/or such other persons or companies represented by you or representing you

In the event of a sale of business, disposal, acquisition, merger or reorganisation involving AFC or the assets of AFC to another party, personal data may be required to be disclosed and/or transferred to the other party as part of the process of sale, disposal, acquisition, merger or reorganisation. You acknowledge and covenant that you acknowledge, confirm and consent to AFC that such disclosure and transfer may occur and hereby permit AFC to release the personal data to the other party and its advisers and representatives and that the other party has your consent to process such personal data.

Request for Correction of Personal Data
You may request in writing for access to and to request for correction of personal data in accordance with the PDPA. In the event of such request, or if you have an inquiry or concerns in respect of AFC’s handling of such personal data, you can contact us at the following:-.

Ms. Neeta Lal
Centre Manager
Telephone No: +603 – 6141 6166
Fax No: +603 – 6141 6066

You may also contact us for clarification in the event that you are unsure or unclear of any part of this Privacy Notice.

In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the Bahasa Malaysia version of the PDPA clauses, the English version shall prevail over the Bahasa Malaysia version.


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