We had two times of IVF done in Indonesia and both failed until the day our cousins recommended us to see Dr. Collin Lee who visited Jakarta in year 2008.

My wife was diagnosed with endometriosis and heavy adhesions due to 2 times of surgeries done previously which has made the chance of having a baby become difficult.

Even though the chance of getting pregnant was very thin, we nevertheless decided to go ahead with the treatment. We understand that the treatment with Dr Lee would be different with what we had in Indonesia and we put 3 embryos into my wife uterus.

12 days after, Dr. Lee congratulated us on my wife pregnancy with the beta HCG blood test result of 3000 and predicted to be a multiple pregnancy. True enough, we were blessed with triplet baby girl but unfortunately we lost one during the premature labour in Indonesia.

In year 2011, we went for the second try to have a baby even though the chance was even smaller due to the advance age of my wife (43 at that time). With PGD test, we had only 3 male embryos and we decided to transfer all of them ( we had tried 1 – 2 embryo previously in Indonesia with no success ). During the pregnancy test, the result of the beta HCG was 5050 and Dr. Lee said it was a multiple pregnancy again which we didn’t expect it would happen twice. We have another triplet baby boy with 34 weeks labour.

Thank you Dr. Lee and I guess we are a ” Sudden Big Family ” in Indonesia. We have recommended our friends to go for your IVF program at your place and most of them come back successfully. Our advice for couples who consider doing IVF program, please don’t waste your time looking for the right place for IVF. Just seek Dr. Collin Lee and his professional team for help and don’t forget to do a lot of praying. Success to all of you and thank you again Dr. Lee and team. YOU ARE THE BEST!


We have waited for almost 9 years for our babies to come. It seemed really hard for us and we were almost desperate. When our friend suggested us to come to Alpha Fertility Centre, we hesitated initially. But later on, we found in the internet that the Centre reputability is widely known, and we decided to give it a try.

Since we has had many failures in other centres, we did not expect too much and thought this would be our last attempt to have baby. We almost gave up!

But, it was worth waiting for. We got a beautiful baby boy and a girl with just one time of programme. Such a magic! Thank you for bringing this miracle to our marriage live.

We had every questions answered without doubt and we are very happy that we can easily communicate with the centre through email. Since we live abroad, it helped us to keep the budget low.

Dr Colin completed all the examinations within one day of our visit. It was so fast that we did not need to stay overnight for the result, and again, it helped us on our budget. We were clueless about IVF programme, but within the same day, the staffs could clearly explain to us everything that we need to know. That made us think that the centre is professional and we are at the right hand.

The centre has helped us to have our twin angels and we want other couples to experience the same joy we have now too.

Like many couples today we left having children way too late. In some part this was due to medical complications, which left me feeling anxious about health problems that may be associated. The doctors at Alpha Fertility Centre helped me & my husband through these difficulties, with their expertise and uncomplicated advice.

A while after the first surgery with Alpha Fertility Centre, we sought a second opinion from noted other specialist, no one was able to read the scans and symptoms and give the level of diagnosis and surgery skills of the Alpha Fertility Centre.

After diagnosis and surgery, Alpha Fertility Centre helped us with a straight forward IVF treatment which resulted in our wonderful blessing, our new twins boy and girl. The Centre through two difficult surgeries and through their skills and expertise have helped us to have two wonderful babies.

Thank you Dr Leong and all Alpha Fertility Centre’s staffs for your support.

We’d like to express our gratitude and happiness to what Alpha Fertility Centre has done for us and especially so when he had just done a single round of IVF and managed to conceived not one but a pair of twins. Although scientific, we still feel blessed and in a way this experience felt like a miracle for us.

It is always difficult when we are told of such news that we may not be able to have a baby. But knowing that there is more than one solution that could enable us to have a child means so much more and Alpha Fertility Centre has provided just that. On top of that, the doctors and staffs are ever willing to try all ways to make our hopes come true. The IVF procedure was not overwhelming and I know that it has partially to do with everyone at Alpha as I felt assured, calm and in safe hands throughout the whole process. The doctors and staffs are next to none in their service and the assurance that they gave me that everything would be alright are very much believable. I have always felt the genuine sincerity of them wanting to help me and the warm hospitality that they have shown is just exemplary.

I have had a prior experience with other fertility centre before I found Alpha and I don’t think I will ever find a place where they offer service like Alpha, especially for women going through fertility procedures and having hormone imbalance which is common, they would definitely need a place like Alpha Fertility Centre.

Alpha Fertility Centre will always have a place in our hearts.


I would like to express my utmost appreciation and gratitude on your apprehension in providing us the service, advice and guidance about fertility treatment and pregnancy.

I was so moved and honored to see how the doctors and staff had served and answered patiently and attentively to all of the questions asked during the counseling session. This is an attitude that ought to be learnt and modeled by other doctors too.

I personally feel that your centre is the best centre in the country. Your kindness and service is very much appreciated.

My husband and I had been striving for a child for 4 years and had undergone 6 times IVF but none of it succeeded. Through my friend who  is also a patient of Alpha Fertility Centre, she recommended me to try the 7th IVF with Dr Colin Lee, and praise the Lord we got pregnant with just one time IVF in AFC.

I chose Alpha because of its higher success rate compared to other fertility centres. Besides, the capabilities of the doctors and the technology at AFC are more advanced. The ever ready and hospitality of the staffs to answer all of our problems and questions is also another factor.

By grace of God and assistance by Dr Colin Lee and his team, I have had my dream comes true.

Thank you AFC.


Thank you! Doesn’t even describe the gratitude and appreciation we have for everything you’ve done for us.

It was about one and a half years ago when we came to your office, desperately desiring for a child. After 4 years of trying to conceive and 2 failed IVF in Indonesia, we were used to disappointments. However our experience with you and your caring staff made all the differences in the world. Your encouragement minimizes the fear and doubt in our hearts. Thank God that He had led us to you and your practice, and granted our wish with the birth of our triplets on the 9th of January 2014 and they are doing great.

We can still remember that when I asked Dr.Colin Lee about my thin womb (as my obgyn said), he said “don’t worry my dear, your womb is fine”. It was indeed giving us a peace of mind. We almost gave up when I found myself bleeding 3 days before the announcement of Beta-hCG (pregnancy test). Dr Leong told us not to give up hope and it was really heart-warming. It was exactly on my birthday that we saw two heartbeats for the first time on the ultrasound; the best birthday gift ever. After getting back to Indonesia, we found out I was pregnant with triplets with only 2 embryos transferred. Our prayers were finally answered in the most amazing way, more than we can ever imagine.

Thank you so much and may God bless you all and your families. You and your caring staff are truly in our hearts each time we look at our triplets.

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