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About Us

Alpha International Fertility Centre (AFC) is set up and run by leading doctors and embryologists responsible for numerous fertility firsts both in the region and worldwide. This purpose built advance fertility centre located in Kota Damansara, Selangor, Malaysia is equipped with the latest full range of fertility treatment.




Screening of 24 Chromosomes to Improve IVF Success

PGD-MaCGH is used with an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle to analyze embryos genetically before their transfer into the uterus. PGD offers couples at risk the chance to have an unaffected child, without facing termination of pregnancy. Testing is performed by extracting and analyzing a single or few cells removed from the embryo produced through IVF. PGD testing can help physicians to select euploid (normal number of chromosomes) embryos for transfer and hence reducing miscarriage rates and improving IVF success.


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    • 11-05-16
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    AFC’s 5th Anniversary Celebration & Health Talk

    WE CORDIALLY INVITE ALL OF YOU TO JOIN OUR 5th ANNIVERSARY & HEALTH TALK Yes, it’s our proud 5th anniversary with 10,000 cumulative babies from all our specialists including 1,000 IVF babies by Alpha Fertility Centre within 5 years’ time. COME AND JOIN US!  Fun games and activities in the morning celebration time (only for our existing IVF/IUI patients)

    • 21-04-16
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    101 – IVF 旅程

    您好, 想知道更多关于生育的资讯吗? 我们欢迎您与您的伴侣一起来听听专家的意见! 想要私下询问专家吗?没问题,我们将提供一对一详细解说以及辅导服务! 将提供饮料及茶点* 座位有限* 讲座时间 : 28th May 2016, 下午3.00点钟 地点 : Alpha Fertility Centre, Level 2 / 预约请联络 +6012-203 2023 请留下您与您的伴侣全名及联络号码,到时见!